How we helped an LGBTQ+ startup hire an incredible sales person

    Pierre - my G Work

    myGWork is a business community for LGBTQ+ professionals

    The Situation

    MyGWork, the leading LGBTQ online network, was gearing up for a pivotal moment in its growth trajectory. As their (both existing and prospective) Client base was starting to realize the value-add potential of MyGWork compared to other, more traditional online networks / job boards, the company had decided to adjust prices – still remaining significantly below existent players – and therefore needed a seasoned Sales professional to help them adjust to this new reality.

    The challenge at hand was to identify an individual who not only possessed the requisite skills and experience, but also resonated with the unique values and mission of MyGWork. In addition, the company had experienced the pitfalls of a bad hire in the past and was determined to avoid a repeat scenario.

    A combination of extremely high standards and a very busy schedule on both the Founder and the HR / Recruitment side at MyGWork had them struggling to find the right person…

    … until they found Berg Search.


    The Challenge

    After speaking with the Founder and the Head of Strategy, Berg rapidly understood the challenge at hand. MyGWork did not want “just another salesperson”, but rather one high-impact individual who would have the right network, cultural fit and especially closing skills to take the network to the next level.

    Aware that the right candidate needed to tick a lot of boxes to be a perfect fit, Berg focused on what they do best – find all potential right needles in a haystack. Within 72 hours Berg was in touch with 200+ candidates, all the best people with experience at various job boards, online networks and other companies that would excel at selling to HR departments at major corporates. 

    Within two weeks, Berg had interviewed over 15 suitable candidates. Since only one could remain, so as to narrow down the field Berg dug into their endless back of tricks (or rather, interview questions), testing candidates not only for general performance, values and affinity to the LGBTQ cause, but for their average sales cycle, deal size or deal type they specialized in; for the size of their network, their closing rates in qualified meetings or their personal development routines… and, last but not least, asked them to show their craft in a live pitch.


    The Outcome

    As is generally the case, the cream rises to the top. Several impressive candidates made it to the final round, so much so that MyGWork even considered hiring more than one individual before settling on one great candidate.

    Alas, recruitment is never that easy. A great candidate can change their mind last-minute for an over-the-top counteroffer. But, if you have done your job well, you might just have an even better alternative in your back pocket…

    … and so, a mere two weeks after an unexpected dropout, Berg had found MyGWork a beaming new Account Director. And, if there is one thing that Berg Search enjoys more than placing a perfect candidate, it is to place a perfect candidate for a Client with a world-enhancing vision.

    MyGWork and BergSearch – to the first of many fantastic projects together.