Talent as a Service for ambitious companies

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Talent as a service for
ambitious companies

For startups, hiring the right people is the difference between success and failure.

Berg Search was created by founders, for founders and provides flexible talent solutions that focus on hiring the right people.

Ramp up a squad of hiring professionals that specialize in tech, marketing and everything in between.

icon-1-card Grow big and fast

Need to make lots of hires, fast? Get a squad of Talent professionals who do everything from strategic planning through to delivery. Best for long-term projects.

From £1 k p/m + success fee

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Make critical hires now

We deploy an entire squad of professionals who conduct a thorough hiring process at lightning speed. Best for small hiring projects.

From 12% p/hire

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83 %

of candidates rated 4* and 5* after 6 months work

50 %

reduction in fees

89 %

of candidates accept the offer (vs 66% avg)

Who we’ve hired for


What are people saying?

What do you need?

We’re growing and need talent fast

We provide larger talent teams than anyone else. We ramp up in 24 hours and deliver fully vetted candidates in days. We're quick, efficient and focused on getting you the right people so you can build your business.

Hear from our clients

Our in-house team is overwhelmed

Sometimes your business demands more hires than your internal team can manage, or specific skills which require specialist TA professionals.

We act as an extension over your team. Turn us on when you need us and turn us off when you don't

icon-1-card We need to hire great people

Working with Berg gives you a large team full of specialists. We conduct thorough interviews and can teach your team to do the same.

Because of these rigorous processes, we make exceptional hires. Speak to our clients

Our process

icon-1-card We want to reduce our costs

We are 50% cheaper than agency recruitment.

If you need additional support but need to keep costs down, then we're the right solution for you


Can I work with you if I don't have a talent team?

Yes! Our talent subscription is built around your specific use case. If you don't have a talent acquisition team, we can look after the end to end process from TA strategy, and candidate marketing all the way through to the hires themselves

Can I use your services alongside my talent team?

Yes! Your talent team is set up to look after a number of hires in particular functions. 

If you are struggling with a niche hire or have a short term  increase in hiring, we can bolt onto your existing processes and deliver incredibly talent rapidly.

What roles do you hire for?

  • Product, tech & data: This would include front-end engineers, back-end engineers, DevOps, UI designers, UX designers, product executives and data professionals

  • Go-to-market: This would include sales, marketing and account management roles.

  • Central Functions: This would include finance, people, legal and operations.


How long is the subscription commitment

Our subscription talent service is designed to be a 12 month commitment with a break clause after 3 months.

However if you have something particular in mind, feel free to give us a call.

How many roles can you look after at once?

As many as you need.

Each talent partner can deliver between 2 and 3 hires per month. 

If you need more volume or have hires outside their core function, then we temporarily allocate further talent partners.

Our subscription is like having a ten-person talent team at your fingertips.


What is the success fee?

In addition to the monthly fee, we charge a minimum 9% per hire.

We believe you should only pay for work delivered and our long-term partnership allows us to charge significantly less than agency recruitment.

Do I get to keep the candidate data?

Yes. We will build your own candidate pools as part of any service we deliver

Where are you based?

We have a small headquarters in London and the majority of our team are based in sunny Athens

How fast can you hire?

We aim to deliver interviewed candidates within a week of receiving a brief.

Our fastest project was with tem energy where we delivered three engineers within three weeks of starting our engagement.

Read the case study here

Do you offer a service with a monthly fixed fee?

We want to incentivize our team to deliver great results fast.

And we believe a success fee per hire is the right way to ensure high-quality hires fast.

We also think that you shouldn't pay significant sums of money if we don't manage to make hires.

Our effective per-hire right comes out to between 9-10%

How does your process differ from other providers?

We provide an executive search approach for every role.

We conduct the sourcing, screening and technical interviews delivering only high-quality candidates which means you hire quickly.

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