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How talent on demand works



You receive a Berg talent partner. They learn about your industry, culture and values; and tailor their hiring approach to your unique needs.



Give your talent partner as many roles as you want.
They will look after everything from learning the desired outcomes, to writing job descriptions, all the way to interviews and reference checks.



Javascript expert
Finance specialist
Go to market consultant
For roles outside the talent partners' core competence, they engage our team of functional specialists.

How our
talent subscription works 

For £1,000 per month, you receive a senior Talent Partner who becomes available whenever you need them. 

They are permanently connected to your company and can participate in everything from strategic people projects to hiring processes.

Got a short term hiring need? We do that too!

A new brief
comes in 

When you need to make a hire, your Talent Partner can handle the entire process end-to-end.

The embedded nature of the partnership means that recruitment is completed by someone who deeply understands your business.

A big team for a small subscription

If necessary, your talent partner can gather additional support from our pool of specialist recruitment professionals at no additional cost

Our practices include

  • Product, Tech & Data
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Central Functions


hired fast.

Your Berg team conducts a thorough hiring process including value-based interviews, technical interviews, online assessments and reference interviews,

We charge a small success fee for each successful hire.

You've now got a new A-player and saved a lot of your time (which is a luxury in the world of startups!)


Who we’ve hired for


How we find
great people

You can never have enough great people, but each great hire takes time and effort.

Learn more about our process


We are long-term

We prefer long-term partnerships over transactional relationships. That way we can learn everything about the business and its culture.

  • We don't need to re-learn about your business for every role
  • We sell your vision to candidates
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We're outcome focused

  • We interview stakeholders and use an outcome framework to understand what success looks like
  • We craft the job description to match your outcomes

Learn more about our pre-hiring process


We search for the best

We don't wait for the ideal candidate to come to us. We actively go and find them.

We look for evidence of excellence before embarking on a rigorous vetting process


We’re rigorous

We conduct initial screening of all candidates because we believe that a person's values and motivators are key to what makes them great

  • We assess for locus of control, humble, hungry and emotional smarts
  • We conduct technical interviews for all positions
  • We conduct references early!

Learn about our interview process


We put in twice the hours

We put more people and more time into every search. 

More people and more time leads to more, better quality candidates

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We build our own tech

Our people are empowered by technology that removes most manual work through automation and allows them to spend their time on the things that matter

You can use our performance review platform for free!

What are people saying?


1. Can I work with you if I don't have a talent team?

We can help you make quality hires whatever your situation.

We can act as an on-demand talent team, providing high-level consulting around how to structure your people processes all the way through to hiring high-quality candidates on your behalf.

If you build your own recruiting team, we can work alongside them on best practices to ensure they can continue to hire the best quality talent.

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How does your process differ from other recruitment firms?

Our process resembles an executive search process.

The other recruiters you speak to will be focusing on quick wins and high fees.

What is Executive Search?

Executive search companies get to understand your business, your goals and your values and then search the world to find the professional that shares your values and has the skills necessary to succeed in their role. 

The search will include passive candidates (those who are not looking to move) as well as active candidates (those who are currently in the job market).

They act as an extension of your own firm, selling your vision and taking time to show amazing professionals how their next big career move needs to be with you.

Because they work with more senior hires, the cost of a mistake is huge.  Executive search firms, therefore, spend a longer period of time screening and testing each candidate before sending them to you


What is recruitment?

Recruitment firms will focus on understanding the job requirements and finding candidates who are both actively looking for a new role and have the skills that might make them a good fit for your business.

They will post your job on various job boards and use an existing database to find who the most appropriate talent is amongst the current set of active candidates.

They may pre-screen but this will be rudimentary as they will expect you to be doing the majority of the fit-based interviews.

Despite the superior outcomes that Executive Search brings, Recruitment is a cheaper service because it requires less of the recruitment firm’s time.

Berg's unique business model ensures that you get an executive search-level service for less than the cost of a recruiter.


What is the difference between executive search firms and recruitment firms?

What work do they do during a kick off process?

Recruitment firms spend much less time with you before launching the candidate search.

They deal in volume and every additional hour reduces their total commission so they get the minimum necessary information with which to present candidates that could ‘do the job’.

Most of the time will be spent on the job description and the functional skills that the candidate possesses.

Executive Firms want to hear your story, your vision and how your business succeeds. They are preparing to be your evangelists in the market and so they need to be able tell your story as well as you can. This may involve being added to a group Slack or being present on your all hands.

They will then understand the role, how it fits into your organisation, and what success looks like as well as gather information on your competitors.


What kind of job roles do they focus on?

Recruitment agencies fill more junior roles where skills are important but values less so.

  • Junior positions
  • Roles when personality doesn't matter
  • Roles where you can reduce a person to a skill card 
  • Candidates with multiple skills matching different roles

Executive search firms seek candidates who are the best in class and consider your values to a much larger degree (in addition to functional ability).

  • Executive level positions
  • Technical abilities
  • Roles where personality matters
  • Hard-to-find positions
  • Business critical positions.


How do they attract candidates?

Recruitment firms post job openings online to sites such as LinkedIn and applicants are considered in tandem with those that exist on their database.

Once an executive search firm has built a thorough understanding of your business, your vision and your values, they will conduct a complex market mapping exercise to understand where great talent may be found and then actively locate and convince this talent to enter your process.


What type of candidates do they attract?

Recruitment agencies prospect active candidates. These are people who are actively looking to move because of dissatisfaction of their current roles or because they don’t currently have one.

Executive search companies seek mainly passive candidates. These are professionals who aren’t actively looking to move companies. They are happy, successful, capable and have at least some of the values that could help your business go from good to great. Imagine asking one of your customers who’s the best salesperson that you compete with? Don’t you want them on your team?


Vetting process

Recruitment agencies will first check that the candidates have the right skills to match the brief. If you are looking for a Sales Director and the person has sales experience at a reputable company, they will likely be put through to a screening. Some candidates (if they look great on paper) won’t be screened but others will be subject to a 15-20 minute phone conversation, where they will be asked two or three questions.

Executive search firms will similarly ensure that the person has the right skills to match the brief but they will also pay close attention to how successful that person has been in their career ie do they hop from job to job, do they make parallel moves, what kind of companies have they worked for and how have those companies fared.

They will conduct at least an hour (and up to three hours) of interviews where they will go through that person’s history and try to clearly discern if that person has the values and character that you need. They will also try and understand how humble, hungry and emotionally smart the candidate is as well as the reality of the CV.


Quantity Vs. Quality

Recruiting agencies try to fill a large number of posts and their team are usually heavily incentivized on the number of deals closed (Top Biller, anyone?) They spend a relatively small amount of time in scrutinising each application. The aim is to find ‘good enough’ candidates for different positions.

Executive search firms focus on filling a specific position by hiring the best person for the job. They meticulously inspect each candidate to ensure the best fit for a position and deliver a short list of exceptional talent for you to consider.



Recruitment firms will present a steady stream of candidates as and when they find people that pass the basics. You will usually receive a CV as well as a paragraph on why the person may be a good fit (but that isn’t always the case).

Executive search firms will provide thorough reports on each of the candidates, including the CV and notes from the interviews about how each candidate exhibited successes, values and ethics throughout their careers. These stories will then be re-verified through the reference process.



Which is Better: An Executive Search or a Recruitment Firm?

Putting costs to one side, the search process is clearly better than the recruitment process.

If you want to move your company from good to great, you need stars. The people that have clear success running through their careers, that share your values and are highly regarded by their own organisations. Occasionally, those A-players will look actively for new opportunities but this doesn’t happen often. A-players will have a degree of loyalty and the self-motivation to drive past any short-term turbulence.

If you know the shape of the puzzle piece, you need a firm that will work tirelessly to find the piece that fits, not one that’s ‘nearly there.’

Why then does the recruitment industry exist at all?



An executive search firm requires more time and more people. For example, the average fee charged by Korn Ferry is around $130,000. That wouldn’t make sense if you were hiring an SDR or an engineering graduate.

For more junior roles where skillset matching is most important, recruitment is a much more cost-effective approach. You’ll have a higher percentage of bad hires but the cost including those bad hires probably won’t exceed $130,000.

Historically, executive search has been used in roles where the impact of that person on the organisation is large. Where they manage a team, are responsible for PnL or who set strategy. The cost of a bad hire here is incalculable and why risk your business to save what is usually 20-30% of a salary of one person?


The best of both worlds

At Berg, we don’t need to earn 30% profit margins. We are headquartered in Athens and as a result, are able to deliver the Executive Search quality for a price below what you’d pay to a ‘nearly there’ recruitment firm.

  • We search for the best Passive candidates for every role (not just execs)
  • We put our money where our mouth is and base our commission on that person’s performance after six months in the role
  • Our Founders have had extremely successful careers outside of recruitment. We’ve hired each role personally, and seen the benefit of a great hire and importantly, the cost of a bad one.



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3. What roles do you hire for?

In short, we can hire for any role.

The talent partner who permanently connects to your organisation will have a speciality in one of the following functional groups. 

  • Product, tech & data: This would include front-end engineers, back-end engineers, DevOps, UI designers, UX designers, product executives and data professionals
  • Go-to-market: This would include sales, marketing and account management roles.
  • Central Functions: This would include finance, people, legal and operations.

They will take care of the talents strategy and the roles where they have a depth of understanding.

For the roles outside their specialism, they will use one of Berg's functional pods (eg the Finance pod) to support the hiring.,

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4. How can you hire better quality candidates than other organisations?

Hiring A-players is vital for any business and to deliver a service like ours, we need to ensure our business is set up for success.

  1. We hire A-players ourselves. We accomplish this by paying our team almost twice the average salary in Athens. This allows us to access the best talent the city has to offer.
  2. We invest in training. We are one of the only talent organisations with a dedicated learning & development department. We believe that continuous learning is the main method for upholding quality.
  3. We incentivize the quality of hires and not the volume of hires. Their bonuses are based partially on the performance of the candidate after 6 months of the job. Simply put, they earn more money if the candidate is a star.
  4. Our rigorous process of filtering, interviewing and referencing filters out the majority of candidates. The only outcome that matters is how good each hire is.
  5. We build our own technology that optimizes the end-to-end hire process and removes all low-value administrative work. That way, our talented team can spend their time doing the things that truly matter; finding and interviewing the best candidates.
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