The Berg Story

    Where did Berg Search begin? It wasn't in recruitment and it wasn't in talent acquisition! The founders, Ben and Jordan began competing against each other in the world of expert networks.

    And what prolific competitors they were! Jordan founded proSapient in 2017, growing the business to $40m in revenues and 300 people whilst Ben, built Guidepoint's Greek office from 0 to 140 staff in 2 years and the most profitable of the three European offices.


    To build these zero-to-one companies, Ben and Jordan had to learn every aspect of talent acquisition, from the high-level strategy all the way through to execution.

    They needed to hire well, hire a lot and hire fast.



    Expert network = Recruitment


    Berg isn't simply the result of their experience building high-growth companies. It turns out the expert network industry is remarkably similar to recruitment!

    In a typical engagement, a private equity firm might ask an Expert Network firm to find 10 enterprise sales reps who compete against Hubspot and who can discuss the state of the market, growth rates and new opportunities.

    In other words, find the talent and bring them to the client. Sound familiar?

    The major difference between standard recruitment and recruiting experts is the speed of delivery. An expert network project requires the first interactions within a few hours, while recruitment can often take at least a week. We wanted to bring that speed to recruitment.



    Building in Athens


    It was early 2023 when Ben and Jordan met for a couple of staged photoshoots and discussed how Athens would be the perfect place to build a great Talent as a Service business.

    You see, there are 6 million people living in Athens, many of them who are educated, driven and hungry to make their mark on the rest of Europe. Consulting behemoths Bain, McKinsey and Boston Consulting Group had already discovered the Athenian secret and Jordan & Ben were eager to join them.

    We launched in June 2023 and grew our team to six by the end of 2023, which includes both our Greek team (nice pics below) as well as our growing Tech Hub in Ukraine. 




    Recruiting for the world's most ambitious companies

    Our vision for Berg Search is to support as many ambitious companies make the leap from good to great. 

    As Jason Lemkin (SaaStr) said just last year, your first 50 employees need to be pirates and romantics. Even after that, there is a much higher need for owners over passengers. Discovering these people in an assessment process requires a very different approach. 

    We learned, not by hiring for growth businesses but by building growth businesses.




    Berg Search is designed to help tomorrow's great companies hire amazing talent fast.

    Time to climb?