Talent acquisition
as a service

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Starting off

We kick off with a talent audit to understand your mission, your plans and your needs.

You receive an entire Talent Acquisition team, comprised of talent partners, consultants and sources, ready to support your hiring needs


Making hires

Each partnership is unique and our team works collaboratively with yours through every aspect of the hiring process.

  • Creating the marketing materials
  • Crafting the interview process
  • Sourcing talent with customised outreach
  • Conducting initial values based interviews
  • Managing technical assessments
  • Scheduling interviews with your team
  • Managing candidate experience
  • Offer + close support

A big team
a small subscription

As part of our subscription, your talent partner can pull in specialised team members for every remit.

Our practices include

  • Product, Tech & Data
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Central Functions

Amazing talent,
hired fast.

With a large team, we aim to hire great people fast, charging a small success fee for each successful hire.

Now, it's time to grow.

Talent as a service pricing


£1k p/month

+9% p/hire

  • Unlimited exclusive hires
  • We bring all the tech
  • Create the search strategy
  • Functional specialist for every role
  • Weekly sprints w/hiring manager
  • 1st round values interview
  • Write-up + interview replay
  • Custom outbound messaging
  • Offer + hire support


£750 p/role p/m

+10% p/hire

  • Low-cost monthly subscription per hire
  • We bring all the tech
  • Create the search strategy
  • Functional specialist for every role
  • Weekly sprints w/hiring manager
  • 1st round values interview
  • Write-up + interview replay
  • Custom outbound messaging
  • Offer + hire support

Sourcing only

£1,000 p/role p/m

Pay for success

  • Fill your existing hiring process with a volume of incredible hires
  • Only pay if you interview our candidates
  • We bring all the tech
  • Functional specialist for every role
  • Weekly sprints w/hiring manager
  • Screener + notes
  • Custom outbound messaging

And there's more

Your senior talent partner supports you with everything surrounding talent acquisition.

Building your employer brand

We help translate your vision into a powerful employer brand that will lead to a higher number of quality inbound applicants. 

This includes setting up your careers page as well as building collateral including video and social media content as well as job descriptions.

Organizational planning

You know where you want to be in three years but you may need an independent pair of eyes to plan the people strategy supporting your ambitions.

We support you with people modelling and organizational maps.

Who do you need?

Using an outcome-based model, we speak with various stakeholders to align on exactly what a successful candidate looks like and then create the search approach (outbound only, industry jobs boards etc).

We provide you with intelligence about salaries as well as applicable employment laws by country.


icon-1-card Setting up tools

Good talent acquisition requires good software. We can recommend and implement tools on your behalf.

We also build our own!

icon-1-card Building the hiring process

Every position you open will require a unique blend of interviews and assessments to ensure you hire A-players. You also to need to be mindful of the candidate's time and your own.

We help clients build quick and efficient interview processes including technical interviews, building assessment centres, whiteboard exercises etc.

icon-1-card Making hires

We’ve done a good job when you're quickly presented with 3-4 amazing candidates for each position.

We can manage the entire end-to-end process, organising interviews, gathering feedback and reporting.

We support the candidates through the process ensuring candidate experience is excellent regardless if the person is hired or not

Learn about our interview process

Who we’ve hired for


Our values

Values are central to our service. We guard our values religiously because they form the basis of what we do.

icons (4) Urgency - every second matters.

The impact of not having that person is not being able to execute to perfection. We will operate as though you expected that person yesterday, we refer to this internally as BERGspeed.

icons (5) Honesty - We believe in confronting brutal facts

If there is anything bocking you from getting that great hire, we will be up front and honest, even if the truth sometimes hurts.

icons (6) Responsiveness - We communicate pro-actively and clearly

We earn our fees by making your search for greatness feel effortless. We will keep you updated proactively and be there on an ad-hoc basis whenever you need us.

icons (7) Vision-driven companies only - we will only source exceptional people

We work only with vision-driven companies, where a new hire isn’t just a number but one more piece of the puzzle.

Frequently asked questions

How much does your service cost?

For short-term startup hiring projects, we charge a flat rate of 12% of each hire's first-year salary. This could be lower if the project is larger.

What functions do you specialise in?

Berg Search has startup recruitment professionals with experience across functions.

We split our hiring teams into three practices

  • Product, Tech, and Data
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Central Functions

Your hiring team will therefore depend on the types of people that you hire

Why is Berg better than a traditional recruitment agency?

Berg Search believes in long-term relationships, great service, and fair pricing.

  • Berg Search is as much as 50% cheaper than traditional afencies and in some cases cheaper than a 100% internal talent function as well
  • Recruitment partners represent your brand to candidates. Some recruitment agencies are opaque about how they interact with candidates which could risk your employer brand.  We record every single interview and make it available to you. This leads to ultimate transparency
  • We focus specifically on growth companies because the mindset required to be successful in startups is fundamentally different. Most traditional agencies are used to traditional companies because there is a lot more of them!
  • Berg Search shares all our processes because our goal isn't to profit maximise, it's to help you become great.

What types of companies work with Berg Search?

Berg Search works almost exclusively with growth companies. This is because the types of people who succeed in growth companies are very different from those who succeed in enterprise companies.

We believe in specialising our interview and assessment approach to those specific candidates.