Join Talent vs Berg

    Who are Join Talent

    Join Talent has been one of the fastest growth companies in embedded recruitment, having been founded in 2018 and growing to 250 employees by the end of 2022 with profits above £1.5m.

    While their high-level business strategy is the same as other embedded companies (eg Talentful) their strategy differs in a few ways:

    • They are a fully remote organization
    • They prefer colleagues with more years of experience (Two-thirds of their current employees have over ten years experience in industry)
    •  They work with more mature companies while other embedded firms focus on younger growth companies.


    What does Join Talent do?

    Join Talent split their service offering into four main segments

    Attract Talent - A recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) service where they second their professionals to your organisation and run some/all the recruitment operations for your business

    Know Talent - Similar to Berg Search, they will support your company with best practices around interviews and assessments while improving your employer branding to increase the quality and quantity of your top of funnel. In addition, they will also provide consulting work around internal mobility.

    Transform Talent - This is a process and implementation consulting service that will help your business change the recruiting process or the tools used to run that process.

    Find Talent - Finally, they will also help you hire recruitment professionals who can continue the job when their contract completes


    How much does Join Talent cost?

    Due to their breadth of services, their fees will be bespoke around client needs. At a high level, embedded search firms aim to earn a revenue of c£10,000 per employee per month, however they pay slightly higher salaries for their team due to seniority) and so expect the price to reflect that.

    More recently, they launched an on-demand service (similar to Talentful) where you can hire a recruiter on a month-by-month basis for £3,900. That recruiter would look after up to three mandates but would not be exclusive to your company.


    What's the difference between Join Talent and Berg?

    Join Talent generally focuses on talent consulting that's flexible around mature business needs (transformation projects etc) whereas Berg Search works exclusively with high-growth companies.

    While Join Talent will typically price in a consulting like fashion £xk per person per month, Berg uses a small retainer of £1k per month with a small per-hire fee and an additional performance fee if the candidate has a 4* or better performance review after six months.

    Berg Search has built its entire process based on experience founding and growing high-growth tech companies. It also focuses mostly on hiring A-players as opposed to broader consulting services.