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Front end, back end, DevOps, QA, Product and Data

Our Product, tech and data practice is led by Jordan Shlosberg, a former founder who scaled a SaaS company to 300 people.

Every candidate completes a thorough assessment (Values interview, coding interview and reference calls) before you receive their bio.

Our tech recruitment service starts from 12% of the first year's salary


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The ideal product person is characterized by a deep understanding of customer needs, a passion for product development, and a strong technical background.

Central to this role is a blend of effective communication skills and data-driven decision-making, coupled with robust business acumen.

Our thorough process includes interviews that only the most astute product professionals can pass



McKinsey research suggests that the best software engineers are eight times more productive than average engineers.

Our experience leads us to agree. Our hiring process for software engineers includes a values-based assessment, technical assessments by third-party CTOs, and reference interviews conducted early.



Clean and accurate data forms the basis of exceptional software products.

Data teams are increasingly required for products that require huge data streams in order to provide client value.

Our data practice spans data scientists all through to software engineers that can build and maintain ETL pipelines

Who we’ve hired for


Our approach to
tech recruiting

Tech recruiting isn't just about finding developers who match the resume. Product and technology is an art as much of a science and it takes an exceptional mind with phenomenal values to be a great engineer.

Read more about our approach on our blog

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We get to know your business and your mission

If you just want 'a developer', we aren't your partner. 

Our tech recruiting process requires an understanding of your vision so we can accurately target the right people and sell them your story.

This is why we have an 89% candidate acceptance rate vs 66% for the market

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Building the search strategy

Together, we define who your ideal persona is, where they may come from, and what software stack that they would excel at.

When it comes to product specialist it really matters what types of products the candidate feels comfortable with, whether it's technical APIs or beautiful UI


We reach out to candidates with custom messaging.

This is the only way to break through the noise as your competition try to hire the same talent.

  • 90% of our hires have come from personalised outreach as opposed to job board applications
  • One in five candidates we reach out to ends up in a hiring process (three times more than average!)
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We conduct thorough first round interviews.

Before we get into the technical aspects of a candidate's experience, we first ensure that the candidate has the right values and ethics to excel at your company.

This is often overlooked in favour of simple tech keyword matching.

Our entire process can be read about here

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Technical assessments

We don't just take the resume for granted, we test the candidates on real-world skills.

Product executives are given a product interview that tests them on their understanding of their customers, their closeness to the product, and their ability to stakeholder manage, culminating in a number of exercises.

We test the technical abilities of software engineers by using our network of CTOs who provide a bespoke technical interview for each process.

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We take references early

We believe that references are as important as interviews.

A great way to understand an engineer's skill is to ask their colleagues!

We conduct reference calls early in the process.

Read more about our approach to reference calls here

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We present the candidates

Each candidate goes through an executive search level of diligence before being presented to you.

That way, you save a huge amount of time, interviewing only the very best.

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We make everything else easy

We look after the candidates throughout the entire process, making sure their experience is at an exceptional level, regardless of whether or not they get the job.

Our values

Values are central to our service. We guard our values religiously because they form the basis of what we do.

icons (4) Urgency - every second matters.

The impact of not having that person is not being able to execute to perfection. We will operate as though you expected that person yesterday, we refer to this internally as BERGspeed.

icons (5) Honesty - We believe in confronting brutal facts

If there is anything bocking you from getting that great hire, we will be up front and honest, even if the truth sometimes hurts.

icons (6) Responsiveness - We communicate pro-actively and clearly

We earn our fees by making your search for greatness feel effortless. We will keep you updated proactively and be there on an ad-hoc basis whenever you need us.

icons (7) Vision-driven companies only - we will only source exceptional people

We work only with vision-driven companies, where a new hire isn’t just a number but one more piece of the puzzle.

Frequently asked questions

How much does your service cost?

For short-term startup tech recruiting projects, we charge a flat rate of 12% of each hire's first-year salary.

This declines when the candidate volume is higher


What functions do you specialise in?

Berg Search has startup recruitment professionals with experience across functions.

We split our hiring teams into three practices

  • Product, Tech, and Data
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Central Functions

Our PTD practice contains a number of functional specialists who hire for these roles constantly.

Why is Berg better than a traditional recruitment agency?

Berg Search believes in long-term relationships, great service, and fair pricing.

  • Berg Search is as much as 50% cheaper than traditional afencies and in some cases cheaper than a 100% internal talent function as well
  • Recruitment partners represent your brand to candidates. Some recruitment agencies are opaque about how they interact with candidates which could risk your employer brand.  We record every single interview and make it available to you. This leads to ultimate transparency
  • We focus specifically on growth companies because the mindset required to be successful in startups is fundamentally different. Most traditional agencies are used to traditional companies because there is a lot more of them!
  • Berg Search shares all our processes because our goal isn't to profit maximise, it's to help you become great.

What types of companies work with Berg Search?

Berg Search works almost exclusively with growth companies. This is because the types of people who succeed in growth companies are very different from those who succeed in enterprise companies.

We believe in specialising our interview and assessment approach to those specific candidates.

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