How Berg found a CEO for a fintech firm

    Marble Bar Asset Management is one of the UK's most successful multi-manager hedge funds, utilising a unique technological edge to support it's managers make better investment decisions. MBAM also built and sold the compliance platform Red Deer.

    The challenge

    Marble Bar had built an incredible piece of technology that amalgamated all the messages and notifications that their fund managers were receiving and surfaced them only when relevant. The no-code platform significantly reduced the risk of information overload and gave clarity to investment decision-making.

    The founding team knew that this technology had opportunities in adjacent markets but they simply didn't have the time to pursue these avenues.

    They needed another entrepreneur, a unique character who could take ownership in the mission, and drive the product into new markets in an entrepreneurial fashion.


    The solution

    Berg Search ran an outcome-led assessment to understand exactly what the founding team expected this new executive to accomplish.

    Initially, it was decided that the first hire would need to make a decision on which markets to enter before building the go-to-market teams. 

    We began mapping the market for consultants with entrepreneurial flair, running them through a rigorous assessment process which included an hour-long interview and the presentation of their thoughts about how they would conduct this project.

    We then pivoted to former entrepreneurs, using our wide network of founders before finding an extremely talented founder who'd successfully exited his first company and was looking for his next adventure



    Berg Search supported Marble Bar to make the impossible hire at a cost 70% below an equivalent executive search fee.



    Not all hires are easy. 

    Some require dedication, rigour and out the box thinking.

    Sound like s hire you need to make?


    Solve that difficult hire, now!