How Berg support Tem Energy to scale


    Tem-Energy is a renewable energy marketplace that allows business owners to purchase renewable energy directly from the generators themselves. By eliminating the middle man, tem provides cheaper energy to businesses and greater profits to the renewable energy provider, a key enabler in the fight for our climate.


    The challenge

    The founding team at tem already had success with a past venture called LimeJump which was sold to Shell. 

    After finding product market fit, tem needed to their team to deliver a huge platform improvement. However, they found themselves with almost no time to take care of hiring.

    They were stuck in the classic start-up success cycle. Too little time, meant they couldn't hire, which meant they couldn't delegate tasks, which led to increasingly heavy workloads.


    The solution

    After a discussion about tem's values and the type of talent they needed, Berg took over the end-to-end hiring process.

    This meant managing tem's Otta account (and ensuring a high candidate experience with 100% response rates) and building a multi-step screening process for each of the hires needed.


    Within four weeks of starting the engagement, tem made three engineering hires. Berg continues to support tem with all their hiring needs today.



    Are you caught in the start-up success cycle?

    Are you getting busier and struggling to find time to make the hires needed to unburden the team?

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