How Berg are helping Metagravity to scale



    Metagravity are solving the concurrency problem in simulation for massive virtual worlds and games. Their technology allows for hundreds of thousands of people to interact in virtual worlds




    The challenge

    Metagravity raised $9.5m to commercialise their technology after spending two years proving their technology.

    With significant demand for their technology, Metagravity needed to rapidly increase its technical headcount but had no dedicated recruitment function to support the scale of hiring required.


    The solution

    After an onboarding session and thorough research on the industry and the potential of the technology, Berg Search deployed two talent consultants to work on the end-to-end recruitment process.


    Technical roles

    Metagravity needed to hire technical expertise across the stack, including a significant number of Unreal Engineers as well as core engine programmers and systems engineers. In order to compete with AAA studios, Berg Search used sales methodologies to construct personalized Outreach messages that led to 30-40% response rates (vs the industry average of 10-20%).

    After building interest in the company, Berg Search conducted the first-round interviews, specifically designed to assess the candidates on their values and fit before using referencing to better understand how they impacted their former colleagues.

    Berg then supported Metagravity as subsequent interviews were completed, all the way through to offer being accepted.


    Non-technical roles

    Metagravity also needed to hire a number of producers and creative executives with clear evidence of past success. Here, Berg Search mapped the video games industry and used non-traditional methods, such as an analysis of video game credits to better understand who the high performers were in the industry.

    Each outreach message was handcrafted to maximise candidate response rate with the more senior hires completing two hours of interviews before being presented to Metagravity as part of a shortlist.



      • Ten hires made in the first three months of the partnership
      • The effective commission rate was 7.94% (over $70,000 saved)



    Do you need A-players at your startup?

    The success of any start-up is dependent on the quality of the people working in that start-up. Both founders at Berg have experience, scaling start-ups. Jordan's first company (proSapient) went from 0 to 300 people in five years while Ben built Guidepoint's Greek office from 0 to 120 people in two years.

    Start-ups aren't for everyone. We know what kind of people thrive in fast-paced environments and it would be a privilege to help grow your business.

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