How we helped a gaming tech company make executive hires


    Quell is a revolutionary video game console that provides gaming content that's both enjoyable and delivers an extensive work out on every play.


    The challenge

    Quell was nearing the release of their initial title but struggled to find a professional executive design director who could take up the reigns from the founding team. 

    Already burned from a bad hire, the team at Quell needed a partner who could support them find that needle in a haystack hire.

    And what a needle it was.

    • Because the console is a casual fitness product, fully remote wasn't an option. 
    • Very few Design Executives had experience developing titles that gave you a full body workout
    • New innovation is seen as risky by tenured Design Directors who prefer to stay in the comfort of AAA studios


    The solution

    We started with a deep understanding of Quell's core values and built an interview process designed to surface those values

    1. Build something people love
    2. Move at shocking pace
    3. Make each other proud
    4. Best ideas win

    Once aligned, we began by mapping the market of all Game Design directors who had the relevant genre experience,  experience building in unity and lived close enough to London that they were able to be in the office twice per week.

    There are 298 Game Directors (including Creative Directors) that live in a commutable distance to London. Taking into account the genre (action) and the requirement to work with Unity, this list drops to 40 people. 

    We reached out to over 100 candidates, presenting 5 for interviews




    It takes executive search firms like Korn Ferry or Egon Zehnder three weeks to present a long list of candidates.

    We discovered, messaged and interviewed the winning candidate after just six days of receiving the brief.


    And a bonus for the team at Berg, we got a sneak peak at the Impact system!




    Imagine finding a perfect executive candidate in six days.

    Want that kind of speed with your hiring?

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